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Background image description: Map of the United States appearing to be cut out of hand-drawn, lined notebook paper, against a multi-textured blue background, including textures and words from book pages. Across the map, the names of #MarginsBookstores participating stores appear in small black handwriting. Several other elements, including flowers appearing to be cut out of book pages, hombre-hued leaves, golden flowers, butterflies in varying colors and textures, a stamp-textured image of a child reading a book, and an image of a person holding a book that appears similar to a lake, are layered across the map.

Background description in story: Bookstores, places of solace and play, pop up and greet us as we wander our little cut out of this world. The words of books past embed themselves through the deepest seas and scatter as dandelions carrying memories, moments, wishes through the air. Bookstores build magic. From The Ripped Bodice in the West to Loyalty Bookstore in the East and Lit on Fire in-between, wondrous worlds sprout, run wild, and seed anew. Follow the butterfly wings, or climb the mauve vine, or root into the very earth beneath to find that community is not in the margins, but bubbling brightly all around.