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Book Woman

Mid-South, Texas

5501 N Lamar Blvd A-105, Austin, TX 78751

What are the 3 adjectives you would use to describe your bookstore?

Historic, Queer, Quirky

Share a quote from a book or poem that bares your bookstore’s soul.

““Caw, caw!” A huge black crow circled above me in the air and landed on a rock nearby. We looked at each other in silence.
“Crow, are you a boy or a girl?”
“Caw, caw!”
I laughed and rolled over on my back. The sky was crayon blue. I pretended I was lying on the cotton white clouds. The earth was damp against my back. The sun was hot, the breeze was cool. I felt happy. Nature held me close and seemed to find no fault with me.”

— Leslie Feinberg, Stone Butch Blues p. 17

Why was your bookstore founded/what role does it play in the community?

When BookWoman was founded 47 years ago, we set out to create a space that amplified Lesbian and Women’s literature. As the “umbrella” of Feminism has grown and evolved to become more intersectional, so has our store. We recognize that now more than ever queer people – and especially trans people- in the south need a place where they can catch their breath and find a sense of community. Beyond being typical booksellers, we feel responsible for putting books that show entire worlds of possibility to the people who need reassurances the most. Through books, readers can experience not just imagined utopias but read about the people of the past and present fighting for a better tomorrow. 

Which champion/warrior/wildcat (real or mythological) does your bookstore channel most?

Toni Morrison

What makes your bookstore unique?

BookWoman is the only surviving Feminist Bookstore in Texas from the original Feminist Bookstore Movement (which you can read more about in a book by Kristen Hogan!) from the 1970s -1990s “boom.” We are unique in that we serve the many generations of Texas Feminists making things happen.

What is something that no one knows about your bookstore?

People that attended the event know, but bell hooks had a reading and talk at BookWoman back in the day and the store was so crowded, she had to stand on the desk that we still use for checking customers out today! Susan (our owner) had to hold onto bell’s legs because Susan was worried she would fall!

Image description: A multi-textured blue background, including textures and words from book pages.