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Mobile/multiple locations in the Greater Boston area

Mobile/multiple locations in the Greater Boston area!

Read My Lips Boston is a pop-up inclusive romance bookshop. We partner with breweries and cafes to host mobile shops with love stories starring those identifying as BIPOC, disabled, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized groups. Elevating our community is paramount; We sell sidelines like T-shirts, coasters, and soaps made by local businesses and give 10% of proceeds to area nonprofits.

Our mission addresses a gap we felt growing up. Born deaf, we received cochlear implants as toddlers. Our parents read to us, teaching us speech and fostering a love of reading. Later, we loved romance novels but struggled to find characters like us. Everyone deserves to be seen as the hero — not typecast as a villain or sidekick based on white, cis, hetero, straight-bodied and abled standards.

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