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1565 Woodington Circle, Suite #101D, Lawrenceville, GA 30044

What are the 3 adjectives you would use to describe your bookstore?

Cozy. Authentic. Celebratory.

Share a quote from a book or poem that bares your bookstore’s soul.

“Our people cry out, for they do not know where they come from, nor do they know the stories in which they evolved from. From their histories lies their truth and from their stories lies their power.”

Why was your bookstore founded/what role does it play in the community?

To empower and honor the voices of many in the fight for equity & justice for all both within and beyond the pages only with love.

Which champion/warrior/wildcat (real or mythological) does your bookstore channel most?

I honestly feel a snowy owl- represents ascension of the soul to higher levels of thought and consciousness, as well as intuition, transition, wisdom, silence, observation, quick wit, independence, power, intelligence, and protection.

What makes your bookstore unique?

OWLBooks was founded to bring representation to literature through it’s curation of books that is dedicated to elevate, educate, celebrate, and showcase characters and authors of all different backgrounds from all over the world. Our books are also focused on promoting social change & justice. By design, it’s a safe place for all ages, BIPOC community members, and allies of the BIPOC community to come and find books that reflect themselves in a story and/or educate themselves about other cultures and the struggles that members of the BIPOC community experience on a day-to-day basis through written works of art. OWLBooks doesn’t just sell BIPOC books, it also serves as a resource for other micro-communities within Gwinnett County. We sell homeschool curriculum to support other homeschooling families in the area. As well as teach basic English/ESL and Spanish classes in efforts to close one of the largest communication gaps that exist within our local community. Though, we don’t stop there either, we also teach citizenship classes and register folks to get out and vote in efforts to help promote civic education for all those who want to help join the fight in helping this nation and fellow citizens achieve “liberty and justice for all” once and for all.

What is something that no one knows about your bookstore?

We are a small bookstore on a mission to make a big impact!

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